We think technology

BuzzTV delivers the best video distribution solutions on the market. In order to achieve this, we develop set-top boxes and media streaming devices from scratch, using the latest available technology. This includes hardware and software technologies developed for and distributed to retail markets, as well as small to medium and large scale business environments. We are also focused on software solutions that manage set-top boxes remotely.



Using our technology across multiple devices, we assure the best video experience for both professionals and end-users alike. We are proudly committed to delivering innovative and reliable products in a timely manner, to the complete satisfaction of our customers and partners.


Our goal is to become the standard developer for state-of-the-art video distribution technologies, as well as being recognized by our users as the go-to company for enjoyable media experiences. Our path to success goes beyond client and industry relations, we will always strive to provide the best work environment in whichever location we set our offices in.




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