Products Feature Comparison List

Choosing the right BuzzTV device means understanding the features that matter to YOU.

This guide will help you select the BuzzTV device best tailored to your needs.


Our proprietary “No Hassle PVR+” allows you to set scheduled programming to record the shows you want to watch. The BuzzTV device will automatically power on & record your show.

Enjoy the ability to pause, rewind, and fast forward on Live TV with TimeShift, included on all of our devices. *Compatible with most live TV streams

With the BuzzTV 5 App all devices come standard with PVR & TimeShift.


If you are looking to record or download videos, these are the devices we recommend. (All devices are expandable via external storage options)

The U5 allows you to install a 2.5” SATA drive to add to the memory.


When choosing a BuzzTV device consider whether you will be using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. If you’re using ethernet, consider your internet speed. If you have gigabit internet, you would want a device that takes advantage of the extra speed.

When choosing a Device for Wi-Fi, our X5’s external antennas provide greater range to and from your router. The U5 model supports Wi-Fi 6 and boosts your data speeds. 2T-2R technology improves the Wi-Fi signal by using two separate antenna streams.


You may be thinking, “What is RAM and why is it important to me?”

The answer depends on how intensively you use your tech! At BuzzTV our devices can handle anything you can throw at them. If you are going to be doing lots of recording, running different apps, games, as well as streaming, we would recommend  4GB of RAM. If you are only going to be streaming through one app, we would recommend 2GB of RAM.


Our BT remotes will work without the need to point the remote directly at the BuzzTV device. Our IR remotes use traditional infrared technology.

The BT-400 includes our proprietary BuzzTV Smart Remote App. With this app you can automatically pair your TV & remote allowing you to use your BT-400 to control your tv power, volume, and source. You can also turn the backlight of the BT- 400 on or off. There are also shortcuts to popular settings for your device.