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There are TWO important settings for your TV, the BT-400 remote and the HD5 

TV Source pair of the BT-400 and your TV

To use the BT-400 to turn on and off, volume control and TV source input control the TV needs to be TV source paired to the BT-400 remote. This is part of the initial setup of the HD5 and can also be done from the Buzztv Smart Remote App as well if you choose to change TVs later.

If the BT-400 doesn’t initially TV source pair, please refer to the BT-400 remote manual (there is a QR code on the back of the remote that will take you there) This will show 2 additional ways to manually pair the BT-400 from the remote itself.  Not all TVs are compatible for TV source pair. If the TV does not support TV source pair, you can still use the HD5 just use the TV’s actual remote to turn off and on the TV.

CEC settings in the HD5 and your TV

Once you have source paired the BT-400 to your TV please make sure the CEC settings on  both the TV and the HDS are enabled (HD5 is initially set to ON)

If you have an older TV with HDMI but the TV does not support CEC, the HD5 can still operate without CEC with our “Retro Connect Technology”. Turn off the CEC settings in the HD5.You will know this as the LED on the HD5 will remain illuminated when you turn off the TV.